Thursday, May 14, 2009

Closing Out The School Year Week

Word of the Day: Teach - 1. to impart knowledge or skill to. 2. to cause to learn by example or experience.

This week I will be writing about topics that have to do with school. I feel this is an appropriate topic to write about because the school year is finally coming to a close.

I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with so many wonderful and hard working teachers at my high school. They push me consistently to reach my goals and are always offering a helping hand when I need it most:) In this blog I would like to make a tribute to three amazing teachers that have helped me get through my sophomore year.

Mr. Brett Dahl (Geometry Teacher) - I would like to say that Mr. Dahl is the most eccentric and most interesting teacher I have ever had. He constantly cracks jokes, but is also serious when it comes to learning the math. He makes everything seem so incredibly easy, writing algebraic expressions up on the blackboard from memory. He has a fascination with WALL-E, the movie that came out not too long ago about a robot that stays behind on Earth to clean up the mess humans made after the humans leave, to acquire a temporary residence in space (sorry about the run-on sentence). I will never forget my sophomore year geometry class. I made so many memories with my friends in that class and happened to be my favorite class (despite all the math).

Mrs. Navid McCarthy (Algebra 2 Teacher) - I had Mrs. McCarthy as my Algebra 2 teacher in my freshman year, and have never met such a hardworking woman (other than my own mother). Before class she would give us word puzzles up on the board for us to solve, and because it was so early, she used to bring in granola bars for us to snack on, figuring that most of us hadn't eaten in order to get to class on time. As a sophomore I still stop by her classroom just to chit-chat about events going on around the school and about taking college classes. I will be taking Trigonometry this year and thankfully will have her as a teacher again. I know that I'll have no problem with my math with her around, constantly at my side pushing me to do better.

Mr. Dave Thomas (World History Teacher) - Mr. Thomas is by far the coolest old man I have ever met. He would make the perfect grandfather; the kind that spoils kids silly and makes them want to visit often. I had Dave for a teacher in my freshman year, and it's safe to say that I was definitely the teacher's pet. I have a passion for history and Mr. Thomas was able to recognize my strife and effort to do well on my homework as well as on test/ quizzes. He was never strict, mostly because no one ever messed with him. He's a super tall, buff, older man, but as intimidating as he sounds, he's actually quite gentle and somewhat soft-spoken.

Each of these people have made a huge impact in my life. They made a freshman and sophmore year a breeze, and I owe my straight A's all to them:P

I will blog again the day after tomorrow, hope you enjoyed today's post:)

Yours Truly,



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  2. Cait.

    Stop by my blog for a beautiful surprise just for you.

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  3. Beautiful blog. I can't wait to see where GOD takes you. HE has big plans for you!!

    Hugs and prayers, andrea

  4. Praise the Lord! I am friends with your Mom and I just read your message below about your sharing your faith with the young lady and I left you a comment there.

    You have a sweet spirit. I pray for a blessed Junior year for you.