Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Officially A Junior:)

Word of the Day: Accomplishment - 1. The act of accomplishing or state of being accomplished. 2. Something successfully completed.

WOOOHOOO! Gosh I can't believe that my sophomore year has ended already! This year flew by so fast with track, school work, dances, family events, and other such activities.

Today I went back to school to turn in all of my projects and get my final grades. I've been getting straight A's all my life and managed to keep up with it this year getting all A's in my classes and projects and managed to close out this school year with a 4.0 GPA. I also made my high school's Principals's Honor Roll!

Now, my mom and I have this joke that my name now has Jr. added to end of it. And yes mom, I did think it was funny (comment on her previous blog).

Walking out the front doors of my high school sparked old memories that I experienced in my sophmore year. I was able to share so much with my friends and family, and have no regrets this school year. Everything that happened this year has made me the girl I am today, and I would have it no other way:)

Sophomore Year 2009:

1.) Had to quit the track team because a shin splints

2.) Made friends with Corinne, Kali, Alex, Sheyla, Allison, Mako, Cindy, Dominic, and James

3.) Joined the Calvary Chapel Youth Group

4.) Took a Photoshop Class

5.) Fell in love with Aeropostale and Forever 21

6.) Went out with Sean on September 10, 2008

7.) Went on a field trip to The Museum Of Tolerance

8.) Met a real Holocaust survivor

9.)Celebrated Christmas in California

10.) Had my first kiss

11.) Went to the Homecoming/ Winter Formal/ Spring Fling Dance at my school.

12.) Went to Sean's Homecoming at his school

13.) Celebrated Kailee's 10th birthday

14.) Went to the church lock-in on New Year's Eve

15.) Began reading the Twilight Series

16.) Walked to McDonald's with Corinne in the pouring rain (oops.....:P

17.) Pushed my bestfriend mikey into an empty spa while he was singing to "Don't Stop Believin"

18.) Slept over Samm's house too many to count

19.) Celebrated my 15th birthday

20.) Gave a speech in front of my school board for track

21.) Went to a track invitational and met olympic runners who taught us good techniques

22.) Stayed up all night with samm, christina, and raven

23.) Sang in front of my friends for the first time

24.) Walked to the park and had a picnic

25.) Developed a passion for photography

26.) Knit scarves for my friends for Christmas

27.) Went trick-or-treating with samm, kailee, roxy, and sean

28.) Went on a field trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain with Kailee, Mako, James, and two other bus loads of students

29.) Qualified for MESH

30.) Got a perfect score of 450 in English and a 418 in Math on my CAHSEE Test

31.) Received a promise ring and necklace from Sean for Christmas

32.) Got Sean a cross necklace and aeropostale sweater for Christmas

33.) Had a snowball fight

34.) Applied to to Commisioner of Activities in ASB at my high school for my Junior Year

35.) Sean broke up with me on May 6, 2009

36.) Got my mom a 2 pound box of See's Candy for Mother's Day

37.) Danced with CJay on the last slow song at the spring fling dance before he graduated

38.) Hosted my own christmas party

39.) Met my baby cousin Sean (ironic huh

40.) Made Perogies from scratch with my grandma, my mom, and my aunt

.....and I could go on forever:)

I absolutely cannot wait for next year. I want to get involved in as many activities as I can, participate in ASB, and enroll in VVC college classes. As I said above, I close my sophomore year with no regrets. I have lost nothing and gained everything. I'M OFFICIALLY A JUNIOR:)

Yours Truly,


P.S. - I will be blogging every other day, so be sure to leave comments and check back in when there is a new blog!


  1. Yeah! You did it! You're official now! A Junior with a whole new year of endless possibilities and up to you to choose how to fill the days!

    Enjoy your time now, Cait! It's all going by too, too fast!

    Love and Hugs ~ Mom

  2. Hello! Just want to say "congratulations" to you. I just want to say that wow! you've accomplished so much and you should be proud of yourself! Even if some things didn't work out, God turns them into good, just give everything into His hands. Sometimes, He closes some opportunities,like relationships, only to give you better or even best blessings! Just trust Him even if things seem to be not going you way. Father knows BEST!
    God bless and may He continue to guide you with His divine wisdom, Ms. Junior, oopss...I mean, Caitlyn.