Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Scandinavian Phenomenon 1222

Described as Norway's #1 bestselling crime writer, Anne Holt had fashioned together a most intriguing story of deceit, mystery and murder. Her latest book, 1222, is written in a very unique fashion, eluding familiar concepts of strong writing and story telling. One example of this can be seen in her main character, Hanne Wilhelmsen.

Hanne is not your typical protagonist.

Having been paralyzed from the waist down in a police shoot out four years ago, she is wheel chair bound. As a lesbian, and a respected police officer, she finds herself very lonely and depressed, and is not much of a social butterfly, even more so since her accident.

On her way to see a specialist about her paralysis, Hanne's train derails in a snowstorm high above any settlement, and her and the other passengers are forced to take refuge in a hotel at the top of the mountain. As the storm continues to get worse, communication between them and the outside world is complete cut off. To make things even more interesting, a clergy man is found shot. With her crime investigation experience and knowledge, Hanne is shanghaied into the team that seems to be taking charge - a lawyer, a doctor, and the hotel manager. With the storm raging outside, and a murder amongst them, they truly do not have much time before the next body is found.

This book kept me hooked until the very end! Holt did a terrific job concealing who the murder was until the very last pages! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys murder mysteries, and action/ thriller novels!

I received this book compliments of Simon & Schuster Publishers for my honest review and would rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Archon: The Books of Raziel by Sabrina Benulis

By Blood, by Fire, by Air, By Earth
By Water, by Life, by Death, by Birth
By Sun, by Moon, by Sky, by Sea
I offer what is precious to me, my Dreams,
That portion of Death I see, and now your Spirit
Bound by the leash of my Will shall be…

There are some things worse than Death.

Angela Mathers, with her stain of dark red hair and alabaster skin – a freak, a monster, a blood head, and perhaps the possible fulfillment of a horrific prophecy, remains haunted by angels. One in particular with beguiling blue eyes and magnificent bronze wings who seduces her dreams. Her only escape from the nightmares is her paintings that depict the dark visions that have possessed her.

Newly freed from the mental institution she spent the last two year of her life in, Angela is hopeful that attending Westwood Academy, the Vatican’s exclusive univerisity, will bring her peace and will finally provide and explanation for the dreams and visions that plague her mind. The university is a school for students, specifically blood heads that possess super-natural powers, and among them is one special blood head that is more powerful than them all: the Archon, the human reincarnation of the dead angel Raziel. When the Archon arises as is foretold in the prophecy, they will rule over the supernatural universe.

Angela, already struggling with her own life and its sense of normality, has no desire to conquer the supernatural universe, but the choice may not be her own. Torn between the man she loves and her obsession with the beautiful angel who haunts her dreams and paintings, she must choose what is best for her and for the world, for she is the key to Heaven and Hell. Both will stop at nothing to have the Archon on their side of this battle between their worlds.

Sabrina Benulis, author of Archon: The Books of Raziel, has really put a fascinating spin on her own unique and complex version of Paradise Lost; of heaven, hell, and life on earth, how and why the angels fell in the first place, and the impending apocalypse prophetically called the Ruin.

I would recommend this book to young adults and those comfortable with a gothic style genre as well as the super natural. I received this book compliments of HarperCollins Publishers for my honest review and would rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Two Tickets To The Christmas Ball

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul definitely set the mood for the Christmas season this year! This charming novella reminded me of the importance of spending time with family and those dear to me and taught me a life lesson that I have always struggled to learn, "be brave, and try new things."

Our story opens on a sleepy, snow-covered city where Cora Crowder (main character) is getting ready for the busy holiday season. Her Christmas shopping brings her to a curious, old fashioned bookshop called Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's on Sage Street, where she proceeds to search for a novel for her uncle to wrap up the rest of her holiday shopping. Little does she know that this visit to Warner, Werner, and Wizbotterdad's will lead to an unexpected encounter with co-worker Simon Derrick, and the discovery of a ticket to the Wizard's Christmas Ball hosted every year by the matchmaking booksellers for the romantic matches they have decided to bring together for that holiday season.

Simon and Cora work as a team to find out more about this Wizard's Christmas Ball and what it has to do with them. At the same time both are discovering the common threads between them. For Cora who is terrible with relationships and just people in general, she wonders whether she even has a chance with this man and whether or not this ball will bring them closer together or tear them apart.

I received this book compliments of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers for my honest review and would rate this novella a 5 out of 5 stars. For more information about this book, the writer, and where to purchase a copy, you may click and follow the links I have provided below:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photo Project:D


so i've decided to get a little creative and came up with a cool photo project(:
everyday for 35 days, i will post a picture of something that has to do with me or my life; i would love for you all to join in:) im very committed to this project and i would love to see what you all come up with!

here is the list for all 35 days:

  • 1.) a picture of you in your room
  • 2.) a picture of you posing with a someone you look up to
  • 3.) a picture with a former crush
  • 4.) a picture from when you were really happy
  • 5.) a picture with a parent or two
  • 6.) a picture of you on your birthday
  • 7.) a picture of you from your younger years
  • 8.) a picture of you in one of your favorite outfits
  • 9.) a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera
  • 10.) a picture you may have edited to improve your look
  • 11.) a picture of your someone special
  • 12.) a picture from a night you will never forget
  • 13.) a picture of you showing off a new haircut (even if its an old haircut:P)
  • 14.) a picture of you truly being yourself
  • 15.) a picture of you most recently
  • 16.) a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous
  • 17.) a picture of you at your favorite restaurant
  • 18.) a picture of you from a time in your life that’s over, but you wish it wasn’t
  • 19.) a picture of a time in your life that’s over, and you couldn’t be more thankful that it is
  • 20.) a picture with your favorite doll
  • 21.) a picture you had no idea was being taken
  • 22.) a picture of you doing what you love most
  • 23.) a picture of you when you were a different person than you are now
  • 24.) a picture of you in a fashion “don’t”
  • 25.) a picture of you in a swimsuit – whether you love it or loathe it
  • 26.) a picture of your recent head shot
  • 27.) a picture of you with someone you love
  • 28.) a picture of how you’d like the world to see you
  • 29.) a picture that describes how you’d like to spend every day
  • 30.) a picture of a time when everything was changing
  • 31.) a picture that makes your heart hurt
  • 32.) a picture that makes your heart smile
  • 33.) a picture of one of the best times of your life
  • 34.) a picture of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife
  • 35.) a picture you really like of yourself
yay(: im really looking forward to starting, it begins tomorrow. be sure to post your own, it will be interesting to take a trip back down memory lane to find these photos. hope you all had a productive but enjoyable weekend! God bless:D

Yours Truly,

Monday, October 4, 2010

blahdi blahdi blah:P

so senior year really didn't start off like how i had planned. but then again, when does anything work out like how it was planned.

highschool drama. and, as in the words of Forrest Gump, "thats all i have to say about that."

things have gradually improved though and im starting to really enjoy my year so far, minus the work (no matter how little there is).

im really starting to miss the old campus; it held a lot of good times and i made a lot of memories there. this new campus just feels strange. i guess im not accustomed to it just yet. i've already been to the back to school luau dance which kinda sucked due to the fact that they kept playing techo songs and there was little to no room on the "basketball court" to hold a dance. but on the upside, i still had a great time with my friends and it gave us a few hours to escape the stresses of home and school.

homecoming is this upcoming friday, but i've decided not to go. my boyfriend fractured his right ankle in a football game sometime last weekend and though hes not on crutches anymore, its still sore. so on friday, instead of going to the school's homecoming dance, we have made plans to perhaps go see a movie and then come back to my place for dinner and poker night (the theme for the homecoming dance was Las Vegas Poker Night).

thats pretty much all thats new and exciting at school. i made a lot of new friends over this past summer and all of them ended up going to school with me. we're a family, and im hoping that we'll have each other even outside of highschool. only time will tell i guess and most people tell me that it usually doesnt work that way and that the friends you have in highschool most likely wont keep in contact with you after graduation...blahdi blahdi blah(: i can still hope right?

well, as a side note, im in no rush to graduate. i really want to take my time this year, exploring new things and opportunities. i get my license on november 20th, or so i hope if i can pass the test;P then i can start pursuing job opportunities. wish me luck; getting a job would make life easier at this point. im trying to be more independent and i think once i establish the basics then i will get a better understanding of being on my own.

loving the cold weather we're having today. im trying to figure out if i can get a ride to victor valley christian for the football game today, but idk. its looking like a no so far:/ i hate not being able to drive haha.

hope everyone is starting off the week on a positive note and God bless(:

yours truly,


Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Heart Mender

While digging up a withering wax myrtle tree beside his waterfront home on the Gulf Coast, author Andy Andrews unearths a rusted metal container filled with Nazi artifacts and begins an intriguing investigation that unlocks an unspoken past that took place in his backyard...literally.

In the summer of 1942, as the country gears us for a full-scale commitment to WWII, German subs are dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico to sink U.S. vessels carrying goods and fuel for the war. While taking a late-night walk along the coastline, Helen Mason - recently widowed by the realities of war-discovers the near-lifeless body of a German sailor. Enraged at the site of Josef Landermann's uniform, Helen is prepared to leave the lieutenant to die when an unusual phrase, faintly uttered, changes her mind.

Set in a period simmering with anger and suspicion, The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews offers the very real chronicle of a small town preparing itself for the worst the world has to offer. As cargo from torpedoed ships begins to wash up on the beach, Josef and Helen must reconcile their pasts in order to create a future.

My Review:

I loved this book! After reading Andy Andrew's last book, The Noticer, I knew I had to read this one. Set in the 1940's during WWII, the story takes place right here in our own country just along the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico. There are two stories that take place in this story, the fate of Josef and Helen, and the discovery of the Nazi artifacts by Andy Andrews. While the names and places have been changed to protect the people whom this story is about, it remains true for reasons you will discover upon reading the book in it's entirety, and once more Andy Andrews does not disappoint.

I received this book compliments from Thomas Nelson Publishers and must say I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves American History, WWII, romance and spy like thrillers. Trust me, add this one to your library.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beaded Hope

Beaded Hope by Cathy Liggett was to say the least…. absolutely awe inspiring! To set the scene for you all, the book opens with a glimpse into the everyday lives of three women, and the teenage daughter of one of the women, who live in Ohio. They are all is facing some sort of conflict in their lives, and ironically, each of the women (including the teenage daughter of one of the women) decide to sign up for a two-week mission trip to South Africa. Cassandra, a highly acclaimed news reporter intends to turn in the story of her broadcast career when she returns to the states; Gabby hopes to escape the heartache that has turned her life upside-down; and Heidi and her daughter, Katie, who are still trying to get over the loss of their beloved husband and father are facing an adventure that could forever change their lives and the relationship that they have with each other.

Once they arrive in South Africa, these women are informed that they will all be working as a team to provide support to a remote village where AIDS is ravaging the women and children. There are no men left in the village as they have either succumbed to the disease or have abandoned their families after being infected. The women and children are living in rancid conditions and in places that one could hardly call home. The four women are mortified by what they see and suddenly, their personal problems back in Ohio seem to be forgotten.

The four women share a unit in a church compound, where the leader of the community, Mama Penny, welcomes them and informs them that she will be their guide for the next two weeks. They are introduced to an AIDS infected African American woman named Jaleela, who has come up with a way to help her community by selling beaded jewelry to people in the United States.

It is a story about commitment, community, family, and about how God comes through even in the most incomprehensible situations. It is a very family friendly book and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in sitting down and cuddling up with a good book.

I really hope that you guys choose to read/ review this book for yourselves; it was definitely worth it to me! I was provided with a complimentary copy of the book from Tyndale House Publishers and if you would like more information , please click on the link below: