Monday, May 18, 2009


Word of the Day: Enjoy -1. to derive pleasure from. 2. to make happy.

Hey guys, I know I'm a post behind and I'm so very sorry about that. A friend of mine came over and he didn't end up leaving until late that night. My apologies://

Anyways, this week, I'm still blogging about topics based on closing out the school year. Today I thought that I would blog about my favorite and least favorite subjects this school year.

I had a pretty light schedule this past year with only Geometry, English 2, Spanish 2, Earth Science, CAHSEE Math Prep, Physical Education, Cooking 101, and Adobe Photoshop as classes.

This year I would have to say the Adobe Photoshop was my favorite class. There were not alot of kids in this class so it was mostly quite, making it alot easier to work compared to other classes. I have a passion for photography and learning how to alter photos to make them look better was incredibly interesting. There was never any homework and we also had a great teacher.

My least favorite subject without a shadow of a doubt was Spanish 2. I had so many problems with the teacher (Senora Munoz) and it was really disappointing come the end of the year because I hadn't learned anything! My teacher had the guts to call me a spoiled brat in Spanish in front of the class and because I took a sick day, wrote -80 on a test of mine. It was such a dread walking into that classroom everyday knowing that once again, I would walk out without any further knowledge of the language. Thank the good Lord that's over!

I am quite satisfied with the way school ended this year (except for Spanish). It felt so good knowing that I had no more work to worry about, no more waking up at 7:00am to get to Geometry class on time, and no more Senora Munoz! -haha

I hope your school comes to a smooth landing as well! Have a great summer:D

Yours Truly,



  1. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. While it's been a VERY long time since I was in high school I still remember that my least favorite was Math and my absolute favorite that still remains an integral part of my life is English. It provoked me to read and write often ever since...

    Wonder how you will use your favorite Adobe Photoshop now and in your future? You never know.

    Have a fun summer!