Monday, October 4, 2010

blahdi blahdi blah:P

so senior year really didn't start off like how i had planned. but then again, when does anything work out like how it was planned.

highschool drama. and, as in the words of Forrest Gump, "thats all i have to say about that."

things have gradually improved though and im starting to really enjoy my year so far, minus the work (no matter how little there is).

im really starting to miss the old campus; it held a lot of good times and i made a lot of memories there. this new campus just feels strange. i guess im not accustomed to it just yet. i've already been to the back to school luau dance which kinda sucked due to the fact that they kept playing techo songs and there was little to no room on the "basketball court" to hold a dance. but on the upside, i still had a great time with my friends and it gave us a few hours to escape the stresses of home and school.

homecoming is this upcoming friday, but i've decided not to go. my boyfriend fractured his right ankle in a football game sometime last weekend and though hes not on crutches anymore, its still sore. so on friday, instead of going to the school's homecoming dance, we have made plans to perhaps go see a movie and then come back to my place for dinner and poker night (the theme for the homecoming dance was Las Vegas Poker Night).

thats pretty much all thats new and exciting at school. i made a lot of new friends over this past summer and all of them ended up going to school with me. we're a family, and im hoping that we'll have each other even outside of highschool. only time will tell i guess and most people tell me that it usually doesnt work that way and that the friends you have in highschool most likely wont keep in contact with you after graduation...blahdi blahdi blah(: i can still hope right?

well, as a side note, im in no rush to graduate. i really want to take my time this year, exploring new things and opportunities. i get my license on november 20th, or so i hope if i can pass the test;P then i can start pursuing job opportunities. wish me luck; getting a job would make life easier at this point. im trying to be more independent and i think once i establish the basics then i will get a better understanding of being on my own.

loving the cold weather we're having today. im trying to figure out if i can get a ride to victor valley christian for the football game today, but idk. its looking like a no so far:/ i hate not being able to drive haha.

hope everyone is starting off the week on a positive note and God bless(:

yours truly,


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  1. Caitlyn,

    Here's hoping that your senior year will only get better. We love you and enjoy each and every day. It's the last you will have as a Senior in high school.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat