Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ASB Time:)

Word of the Day: Squaw- 1. a north american indian woman.

Hey guys! Gosh these past two weeks have been super jam packed with ASB and preparing for back to school activities.

I actually just got back from a board meeting:) Some ASB members were asked by the school board to share our CASC Laedership Camp experience with them; im so glad i was able to participate in this meeting.

As I shared my experience before the board, it occured to me that what I was sharing with them was truly touching them. The changes in their expressions as i spoke were promonent, and I feel that I really got my point across to them. This point being (for those of you that have not read my previous posts) that CASC Leadership Camp changed my life! It has changed my perspective on the world and how we deal with everyday life.

No one at CASC judged others and the students along with the staff were oh so welcoming! I have no regrets going, because not only did the camp touch me emotionally and personally, but it also helped me to improve on my communication skills, my success skills, and my presentation skills. I learned a lot about teamwork and I really am looking forward to this upcoming school year. Our ASB is going to ROCK southern california's schools, and I really hope that we can be an example to the students, the parents, and the community to get involved. Excelsior High School has a lot to offer:D

This past week, I was appointed as a counselor for an ASB retreat that our school was hosting for all the new ASB members. Our Activities Director wanted the retreat to be like a mini CASC Camp, and so all the councelors were assigned to their own group of students that they were responsible for training.

All in all, the retreat was an absolute success! I had soooo much fun, and i think the most rewarding part was knowing that it was and is my job to set the example not only to my counsel, but for all the students at my school! I wouldn't change a thing:D

Ahhh, i can't wait to get back to school. my school schedule is kind of at a stand still a the moment, but once i get that taken care of, everything should go very smoothly...hmm except for maybe adjusting my sleeping hours lol.

Wish me luck on getting back into the swing of things, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated:)

Yours Truly,


P.S. - sorry about not posting this past sunday! grimace will be back with more adventures i promise! we had some camera problems:// we love you all! god bless:)


  1. Great post. I have not forgotten about your award. Things are crazy here, too. I promise to post it soon.

  2. Way to be a leader, Craisin! I love love LOVE socks! So, that picture is a top winnner in my book. Yes, getting back on schedule- that is a doosie of a difficult discipline to train back in. We are working on that over here, too. Good luck~

  3. Cait,

    Great pictures! Where did you get these from? I mean with our camera issues and all or did you get it figured out?

    Hopefully this will be a great year for you and taking a bigger part not only in your school, but your community and the world if you take on your missions trip.

    Love and Hugs ~ Mom

  4. Those are nice pics! Another school year. Time goes by so fast. And you seem to be busy, inspiring others in many, many ways. May the Lord guide you, protect you always...Blessings.

  5. Great Pictures and very well put together post! I like how everyone it looks like traded socks. I am sure some did. I have never seen those socks on you before, where did you get them from.

    Love Ya and hope your Junior year is great!


  6. Dear Caitlyn,
    I read up the most recent posts on your blog since the last time I visited (I last visited on your 16th birthday).

    I loved every post. I could hear your heart beat.

    There are many things I really love about your blog. It is honest, it is transparent. You share your heart. You are yourself, and so it gives us your readers know the real score about you. And that's so important.

    I love your word for the day. Wow, phantasm.

    And supercalifragilisticexpialodocious. Loved that word when it first came out in Mary Poppins. I still sing it from time to time.

    I love the pictures. The one with all those legs...so arty and creative!

    And I look forward to more Grimace posts! Really! Did you know that I have some favorite stuffed toys -- Grimace is one of them, Bert and Ernie, Piglet, Eeyore, and Kermit the Frog. For cartoons I love Calvin and Hobbes.

    You are the second 16-er to be reading my blog. The other one was Maria, a half American half Norwegian extremely intelligent young girl from Minnesota. Her blog address is http://www.beautifulgraceblog.wordpress.com/

    But she stopped reading my blog after a while.

    I love young people. You will understand why. I have three grown children now all in their twenties, but they all went through their teen years, and just like your mom Kat (whom I really admire!) I went through it with them. And like your mom, I'm a hands on mom, if you know what I mean. I make it my business to know about my children's worlds, not so I can meddle and get in the way, but so I can lift them up to God in prayer daily.

    Wow, this has become longer than I intended. So sorry, hope it didn't bore you too much.

    But anyways, the long and the short of it is that I appreciate the young woman that you are becoming.

    I appreciate your visit to my blog, and your very kind comments. Thank you.

    I'm praying for you.


  7. Love the bright socks, as well as your colorful approach to life. Hope the school year is your best one yet. I applaud you for taking leadership so seriously and using the influence God has given you for good. I'm excited about your idea for fund-raising for Uganda! You are such a blessing!

  8. Caitlyn,

    I love the sock picture. My girls and I love to wear super silly socks around the house in the winter...I get so cold...so we have quite a collection...that is a shot we can really appreciate...especially around February.

    This sounds like you are very busy and as if you are doing a lot of good things.

    I know God will guide you as you chose your schedule and try to live for HIS glory.


  9. Hi Girl!
    I just LOVE the sock picture! Silly socks are awesome!!! Good luck on the coming school year! May everything you do work for good in God's plan for you!
    In Christ,

  10. My dear, you are a breath of fresh air. I know you will continue to be a force for good out there in the world--we need more kind-hearted, bright-minded people out there like you!
    Way to go!