Thursday, January 15, 2009

We All Have A "Nancy"

Hey guys,

Just got done with eating dinner and watching Little House On The Prarie lol. I'm glad I did though because it gave me an idea for our topic tonight.

In this episode, Mrs. Olsen finds out that her ONLY daughter Nellie is staying back east with some friends. She falls into a deep depression because she feels she is not needed anymore because she has no other children to support. Her husband, Mr. Olsen, is worried about her and calls a doctor to ask for his opinion. He suggests that maybe he should think about adopting another girl, in order to make Mrs. Olsen feel better and come out of her depression.

When Mrs. Olsen goes to the orphange, she finds no children that remind her of Nellie. All of them are friendly, smart, beautiful children (talk about ironic). On her way out she hears windows breaking, wood snapping, children screaming, and legs being pulled off chairs. IT'S A MIRACLE! MRS. OLSEN HAS FOUND HER NEW NELLIE! The only difference if the girls name, which turns out be be Nancy (close enough:/).

Nancy is this spoiled, rotten, horrific child and blames things on other children. She is disliked almost everywhere she goes except for home to her mother. Her own father can't stand her!
There is this one scene that stands permanent in my mind. After being adopted by her loving new mother, Nancy attends school. She asks for some water and the teacher (Laura Ingles) tells Casandra, a fellow student, to show Nancy where the pump is.

While out pumping water, Nancy tells Casandra to give up her seat next to her brother so that she herself can sit next to him. Nancy tells her just to do it or else there will be trouble. Casandra refuses, and once this happens, Nancy wipes dirt on her dress, tears a whole in the sleeve of her dress and begins pushing Casandra to make it seem like they were fighting. The teacher (Casandra's sister) comes out with Nancy's new mother and the two adults bicker for a while about who did what.

Laura takes Casandra aside and tells her that it would please God, on top of all her anger to be nice to Nancy even after what she has done. After taking this into consideration, Casandra takes the punishment for Nancy to please God.

I think we all have a Nancy in our lives, only she comes in the form of the enemy. Being a christian is not easy, especially when we're the ones targeted the most with temptation. In this episode, Casandra illistrates to us what Jesus did for us. Though Jesus did not do anything to anyone, he pleased God by coming to Earth and taking the punishment that we all deserve. Casandra could have yelled back at Nancy in anger, and thats exactly what the enemy wants us to do; forget what we've been told in the Bible, just fight back! Instead, Casandra came to peace about it and pleased God in what she did.

This is an example of what we need to do; be the better person. In everything we do, we must please God, though at times it may be more than difficult.

Keep this in mind throughout the week. The next time you find yourself in an argument, or in a tough place, keep in mind what Jesus would do. Be the better person!

This is my challenge for you and for myself. It will only make you a better person and will give you the peace you've been looking for, especially in hard times.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Good night:D

Yours Truly,

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