Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey guys,

Well tonight was another spectacular night of youth group. I think the only thing missing was my bestfriend who couldn't make it tonight, but other than that it was BOMB! I sat with my bestfriends Corinne Kali, and we listened to this 17 year old boy share his testamony on how he came to Christ.

Its amazing how stories like his can inspire you; they make you want to be even better than you best!

Ahh! My winter formal is coming up, and I can't wait! I'm taking Sean with me along with Corinne who was asked by her biggest crush to the dance:D I was jumping up and down (literally) in church when she told me, hahaha I was soooo happy for her!!!

Then on Valentines Day, I'm going to Sean's homecoming:P Turns out, he was nominated homecoming Prince, so he's pretty excited. Haha he's nervous that I might get jealous seeing him dance with the homecoming princess!

I guess I have to learn how to swing dance? My little sister looked it up on youtube and so far it looks pretty simple. I could probably fake it if I wanted too, or at least so says my mom lol. Do you guys have any tips for me? If so leave me some comments, so I can work on my dancing haha:D

Well, I'm sorry for the short post guys, but its getting late and unfortunatley I have school tomorrow:/

Leave some love, goodnight!

Yours Truly,


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