Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do the Jitterbug:P

Hey guys,

Another night, and another post. Gosh, I've been so busy lately, with stressing over homework, making lunch plans, getting to track, helping out my mom to my best ability, making time for friends, planning vacations to Rhode Island, and I have two dances coming up:P

I have my winter formal this Saturday January 17th, and I can't wait!! Then my boyfriend has his homecoming on valentines day. haha i found out that his homecoming consists of mainly swing-dancing, I have no idea what that is or how to do it and neither does he. Won't I look like a goof ball, but hey, its all for him right?! And then get this! The tickets to go to his homecoming are $45.00 EACH! Talk about a waste of money! Ahh, oh well I know we'll have fun, we'll make the best out of it.

Which brings me to tonights topic...school dances!

In all honesty, what is the purpose of going to a dance? I really want you guys to think about this. Girls spend time stressing over finding a dress and the right shoes to match (not to mention the cost). Guys wonder what tie to wear to match the girls dress on top of getting the courage to ask them, buying a corsage, and coordinating what time is okay to pick them up. Then once you get to the dance, you hang out for a few hours, get home and wake up in the morning to sore feet, messy hair, and a make-up smeared face. Why is it that teens find going to such events so much fun???

I love dances. They are the some of the highlights to my highschool years. You can be whoever you want to be and just go WILD, singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. When I walk in through the entrance, and hear my favorite song playing, I instantly want to grab a bunch of friends and head for the dance floor. In an instant, you forget everything; homework, parents, boys, drama, your project due next week....and it feels good! Its like being able to dance everything out, all your emotions and everything your feeling. Its the greatest feeling in the world, and it seems as though that $30.00 you paid went towards a great cause, because what you experience at a dance, you cannot out a price on.

What are your reasons for going to dances? For parents, what was your favorite part about going to them?

I'm hoping to get tons of relpies! I'm curious to know what you think about school dances and other such extra curricular activities:P

Sweet Dreams,

Yours Truly,


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