Monday, January 12, 2009

The Love Dare

Hey guys,
A few months ago, I went to see this Christian movie called Fire Proof. It was about this couple who were facing lots of hardships in their relationship and were planning on getting a divorce. The man's father presents him with this journal called "The Love Dare". Everyday for 40 days, he must do the task listed in the journal in order to make an attempt at saving his marriage. Along the way, he gets to know God and finds out what it means to love someone.

This movie is mainly for married couples, but I don't see why this movie couldn't also be referenced to by christian teenagers. In order to make any relationship work, the same principles are applied.

Being a christian teenager is not very different from being a regular teenager as far as the feelings we have such as wanting to be involved in a relationship. Many of us want this so bad because we see how much our parents love each other and we want that same thing in our lives.

About a year ago, I talked to my mom about how I was feeling and she told me to stop looking all together. The right guy usually comes along when you're not looking or are least expecting it. She told me to compile a list of realistic things I wanted in a guy so I did and came up with something like this:

Looking for someone who:

Loves God, is respectful to both me and my family, trustworthy, must be very family oriented, can make me laugh, likes children, attends church, is sort of mysterious, makes time for me, is there when I need him and even when I dont, tells me everything, will watch movies with me, takes me out to places just because, and other such things.

I took my mom's advice, and prayed about it for a long time. After 11 months and 25 days, God blessed me with my current boyfriend Sean. It was as if God had made him just for me. He was everything I asked for and more! We had alot in common with each other, and our values were also similar such as staying pure.

It has been four months and two days since God blessed me with him. I want my parents to understand how important he is to me and that I'm not to young to fall in love. Thankfully they know that now, and agree with me on our relationship. Sean and I are definitley leading a prosperous relationship together while keeping God's word in mind. I've asked him to come between our relationship and to bless it and to keep it growing stronger. Thank you Jesus and thank you mom and Steve for trusting me and supporting me in my relationship and helping me to do what is right with Sean!

Just tonight, I was listening to a broadcast on 88.5 (SOS Radio) that inspired me and made me think of my relationship with Sean. The pastor speaking was talking about how he was doing a count down to valentines day with the love dare. Everyday until valentines day, you have to do the task listed for your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend. I'm making it my personal goal to follow this 40 day program to see if anything changes. You can google "Love Dare" in order to get the 40 days of tasks, This is also my challenge to you. Follow the love dare for 40 days and see if anything postive comes from it.

Leave comments telling me how it effected your relationship and how it brought you both closer to God.

Well I'm off to bed, goodnight guys!

Yours Truly,


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