Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Cramming Season!

Hey guys,

Well as of today I'm done with my finals YAY!:D Lets see, I got a 100% on English 2, 88% on CAHSEE Math Prep, a 92% on geometry, and a 93% on Earth Science. It such a relief to have them done finally. This is what inspired our subject for tonight actually.

A girl asked me today in school how I get such good grades on tests. She said that she studies as hard as she can and can't seem to make it past a 75% on anything! I gave her a few tips that I hope will also help you, knowing that finals are coming up soon!

Tip # 1.)

-Study one subject at a time. Don't try to cram all your subjects in at the same time! One you'll probably confuse something you read out of your english book with your history test or you might not remember anything, and two, that's way too much stress to put on yourself.

Tip # 2.) Use flashcards! I find that's one way I learn best is by memorizing the cards. That way, when I see the question on the test, I'll remember the answer associated with that question from the flashcards:]]

Tip # 3.) If you have a hard time memorizing things straight out of a text book or flash cards, make studying into a game. Put questions on flashcards and group them into categories. Give yourself 10 points for each card you get right, almost like jepardy! This is a great way to get your mind off hardcore studying, and it's also so much fun to play with friends and family!

Tip # 4.) I always find it helpful to eat breakfast before going in to take a test. I don't know why, but I find that I feel more awake and that I have more energy and motivation to try hard on the test if I have food in my stomach.

Tip # 5.) It is okay to take breaks while studying! Staying up until all hours of the night will not get you anywhere no matter how hard you study! Go to bed early or read a book before bed if you have trouble going to bed early, (I know I do).

Well there are some five helpful tips that I use personally in order to study for my tests. Not everyone has the same learning style so experiment with lots of things like playing games, trivia, flashcards, or just plain reading out of the text. Hope these help!

Yours Truly,


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