Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can Myspace Do This?

Hey guys,
Sorry there was no post last night, I got carried away with everything I had to do that day and completely forgot! Anyways tonights post is about myspace!

I love myspace, and love decorating my profile with different backgrounds, icons, playlists, and other such things. Just the other day, my mom told me about a bible study she had listened to concerning myspace, and what I heard inspired me, and I beleive this information will do the same for you. You would be surprised to know how dangerous the website can be!

Their are 200,000 million subscribers to myspace. To millions of teenagers, myspace has become a daily routine, in fact I find myself checking mine at least 4 times a day! One mistake people make on myspace is they post TONS of valuable information about themselves in their "About Me" and in bulletines. We hear all the time from nagging parents about the dangers of using the internent and how sexual predetors are out there looking for us. Well ladies and gentelmen, they're right!

The advertisements that pop up on the sides once a page loads are also innapropriate and sometimes just plain out pointless. They also infect computer with viruses and lots of "pop-ups".
God warns us to guard our hearts and minds from things that are unpure. Well its kind of hard to do that when links to porn websites, and inappropriate pictures are popping up on everyother page.

At one point, I had my name, age, and the name of my school posted on my page. It would be cake for a person to type in my information and ontop of my name, age, and school, also get my phone number and even my address! It's amazing what people are capable of doing now with today's technology, and thats why people, especially teenagers need to be careful what they reveal to the WORLD WIDE web.

It's not a competition to see how many friends you can aquire on myspace either. I have tons of friends that add people that they don't even know and actually talk to them! Either that or they add people who are "a friend of a friend". This phrase makes people feel better about adding them because at least they know someone you know. Taking precaution on who you add on myspace won't change anything, except maybe the number of friends you have. But then again, whats the point of having 500+ friends if you only talk to 50 of them that are good friends?

In lue of the dangers, myspace also has it's advantages. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family if you apply the right security settings! It also takes up time in the day when we have nothing to do. Most teens use myspace as a get away from reality and vent about problems through bulletin posts too.

Now touching on that last sentence......thats not good! I spend hours on myspace when I could be spending that time digging into God's word. Nothing should come before God in life, and so thats why it is my goal to stop depending on myspace to confide in, and start depending on God to help me through my problems and to strenghten me from day to day.

Make this your goal for 2009. Yes we might be a few days late into the new year, but it's never to late to start getting to know God. He's been waiting your whole life for you to wake up and realize that you need him, and once you ask him into your heart, he will never leave or forsake you. Now can myspace do that? Didn't think so:]]

Yours Truly,

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