Monday, April 19, 2010


Ahhhh! Blogging world there's so much to share with you:D

Hmmm, where to start, where to start....well, on april 14th i went to six flags magic mountain in valencia, ca with my highschool, a few of my friends, and my boyfriend. we had the best time together, eating french fries, praying before we got onto a roller coaster, actually riding the roller coaster, talking, and running around the park in our polyester capes. yes, those are flash capes, and yes...i do realize that flash does not wear a cape, but i still thought they looked pretty snazzy(:

both katie (my best friend depicted above) and i got reeeeeally car sick on the way back so we took turns laying on each other trying to fall asleep to make the "sick to your stomach" feeling go away.

katie has spent practically everyday with me this week. in fact, this morning we made plans to go running at 8:00am and went to breakfast at Molly's Kountry Kafe. Then we walked home, took showers and got ourselves ready for the day, had lunch, and went to school around 1:30pm to retake our chemistry test....we got the same score as the first time, but it was worth a shot:P then we came back home, went to starbucks where i ordered a grande double-chocolate chip frappicino, and katie got a grande caramel frappicino. we sat down at a table and just talked about school, and our family lives, and then proceeded to walk to blockbuster to order some movies. unfortunately, our day was cut short when katie was called home for dinner, and now here i am, sitting on my bed, telling you about my amazing day(:

i'm also currently reading a most intriguing book by the name of Glaen! I can't wait to review it, this one's definitley a keeper for sure! For any mom's who have teens out there who are involved in a relationship or who are thinking about getting involved.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not hestitate to purchase this book! its a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

as for school, not much is new. i just have two more units until i can officially say that i have made the transformation into caitlyn modeen junior, to caitlyn modeen SENIOR:) im happy about almost being done with school, but at the same time, a tad reluctant because i don't want to grow up:/ i know that God will be watching over me as i make this transformation, but its still okay to be intimiated and a slight bit nervous correct? ugh, wish me luck:P

oh yes, i almost forgot but......I HAVE A JOB! a temporary one, but a job at that:P i will be working with my aunt mimi, for a company called Applied Medical in the HR department. it is a paid internship but hey, its better than working at the neighborhood Del Taco right?

well thats all i have to share for the day, but im trying to get back into my blog again. i will be keeping you updated(:

keeping you all in my prayers!

Yours Truly,


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  1. Sorry you got car sick. I have that problem, too. Glad you got a job...sounds awesome..definitely better than taco bell.