Monday, January 5, 2009

"Just leave me your stardust to remember you by..."

Well today was my first day back to school, and let me tell you, it was not the greatest. I woke up this morning at 5:26am, threw on a track sweater and some shoes, threw my hair up in a pony tail, and dragged myself downstairs to get some coffee. The hour drive to Ontario Airport was one of the saddest; Steve had to leave again, good news was that he would be back in time for Kailee's 10th birthday party! I hate seeing everybody so sad you know? My mom and Kailee take it the hardest, I know how that feels. I hated when I used to have to leave my family crying in the airport lobby when I left for Rhode Island. They'd always second guess whether I'd be coming back for another year, or staying in Rhode Island with my dad, and I think that was the hardest part for everybody with me. I get to see it all now from their point of view, and though I may not cry or complain that I miss Steve, I really do. It's so different without him here. You can tell how much he does for the family now because all his responsibility falls on us while he is gone. I'm praying God will bring him home to us soon, if it is his will:)

Anyways, off that sad note, I am actually kind of looking forward to going to school tomorrow! I haven't seen anyone in two weeks, and I can't wait for spanish class (besides the teacher, it's the best class ever!). I think once I get over the "waking up" part and I get into the shower, I'll be fine:) Sean (my boyfriend) wants to get together with me on Wednesday if possible, but in all honesty that's the least of my worries for this week. I'm going to take my tests for English 2 and CAHSEE Math Prep and am hoping to walk off the campus with 90's or above! Wish me luck!?
Gosh, I really hate having to call my mom and say, "Hey, I did really bad." After all the studying you do, it sucks to come out all disappointed. According to almost everyone I know, I'm pretty "hard" on myself, and I know I am. I'm a huge nerd though and want to get straight A's all through highschool in order to graduate as valedictorian. It's been my goal since I was 10 years old:) Well good luck going back to school everyone. I know probably a bunch of you (teens) have finals to complete so good luck!

Also before I sign off, I would really appreciate if you guys would comment and tell me what sort of things you'd like to read about. I know it's really boring to hear about someone's life probably that involves some of the same sort of problems as you, but on some nights, (like tonight), I'm stuck for topics. It would be much appreciated and rewarding for you and me!:D Goodnight guys!

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  1. I would love to hear what your biggest challenges are as a teenager in high school right now. I know things have changed since I was in school, tell me how it is now?

    What kinds of classes would you like to take next year in highschool during your junior year.

    What are your 2009 goals? Hold yourself accountable by being able to track these over your blog during the year.