Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jesus Lives ~ Book Review

I had the pleasure of reviewing the book Jesus Lives by Sarah Young.

Each day greets you with a glorious challenge: Will you trust in Jesus’ unfailing love? Though the world specializes in separations and losses, the Bible says that nothing in all creation can separate you from Jesus’ love. Have you experienced His presence in your hardest times? Do you enjoy Jesus’ love for you in this very moment? He is closer than the air you breathe.

Jesus Lives is a devotional book filled with topics ranging from adversity to emptiness all the way through worry and worship. The book is laid out with a simple topic at the top of the page and then a message from God as though He himself was speaking directly to you regarding this particular situation. On the adjoining pages lie scripture references from the Bible.

This book is a highly recommended one because so often people come to us with a variety of issues impacting their lives both in positive and negative ways. We are asked for advice and sometimes we can’t always find just the right thing to say. This book does just that. In the Table of Contents are listed various situations you may find yourself or a friend in and offers just the perfect advice to uplift, encourage, and motivate people to find hope and faith in their circumstances.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishers to review and once again would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a quick and easy reference book to life’s problems.

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